February|Dante Network Fortnightly Report 02.14–02.28, 2022

  • (On-going) Research on privacy-order transaction technology and the preliminary solutions have been done.
  • (On-going) Launch the technical research on commitment verification.
  • (On-going) Launch the research on Security Quality of Service of the multi-chain collaboration.

Contract layer

  • (Accomplished) Develop decentralised cross-chain contract cluster.
  • (On-going) Design the standardised cross-chain service collaboration protocol, including the iterative upgrade of cross-chain invocation contract, also the multi-chain service presentation protocol.
  • (On-going) Design the algorithm of cross-chain node selection challenge mechanism on the algorithm design of secondary verification,
  • (On-going) Design of the cross-chain contract-invocation permission verification mechanism.
  • (On-going)Develop the cross-chain contracts, including cross-chain data verification contract, cross-chain node selection contract, simulation development of cross-chain node selection algorithm (done), simulation development of faulty and challenge mechanism algorithm (Done), as well as cross-chain contract-access permission verification mechanism.

Node layer

  • (On-going) Launch the iterative development and upgrade of cross-chain contract invocation protocol.
  • (On-going) Engineering realisation of verifiable storage based on Rust language. The off-chain circuit part has been done, and the VDE algorithm development is on the way.
  • (On-going) Access to more ecosystems. Currently, we have access to public chain test nets, including ETH, NEAR, PlatON and Avalanche. The existing virtual machine technology system includes:



  • (Accomplished) Build the client of the Dante Network storage service market. The front-end development of the transaction part has been done, so has the client of the storage market part. (Note: this client will be upgraded to the platform that could serve multi-chain resource market instead of limited with storage service.)
  • (On-going) Launch the iterative testing and upgrade of cross-chain contract invocation.

a) (Accomplished) Carry on the development of contract, node, test case and Demo related to the project. Details about Hackathon Project: https://youtu.be/YhPwb8_s9xY

Dante Website: https://dantechain.com/index_en.html

Dante Twitter: https://twitter.com/DanteNetwork

Dante Telegram:https://t.me/DanteNetworkEN

Dante GitHub: https://github.com/dantenetwork



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Dante Network

Dante Network

Dante Network is a general middle layer protocol to realize the interoperability among multi-chains, and integrate diverse resources to empower dApps.