How to get your DAT Address

Since we are on the early stage of development, our users may not be familiar with how to get and where to get DAT and DAT address. Here today we recommend a wallet, Cobo Wallet, that is user-friendly to check DAT position, while users can also use PlatON Network official wallet since Dante Network is in PlatON’s ecosystem.

Cobo wallet supports 40+ chains and more than 180+ tokens, including LAT and DAT, therefore, we recommend our users to use Cobo where you can check DAT position and address.


Download Cobo Wallet

IOS & Android:

Create wallet

1)Enter the wallet, click the figure in the upper right corner to enter the login page.

2)Click [Register].

3)Put in the email address, then click [Next].

4)Enter the verification code, and lick [Next]

5)Set up your password, and click [Next]

Note: Password is your credentials to use and manage the wallet, please make sure you keep it in mind.

6)Click [Me], then [Next].

Check the DAT address

7)After registration, search [DAT] on the main page, click the DAT-Test below, then you can check how many DAT you own and your DAT address.


About the wallet

We recommend our users to use Cobo wallet because currently this wallet can show both LAT and DAT-Test, but if you want to use PlatON’ official wallet, ATON wallet, or you already have an ATON wallet, you can also leave the LAT address to collect your DAT prize. The wallet address of DAT and LAT is the same, users can leave your LAT address to receive the DAT reward.

Click the link to check how to create your ATON Wallet:

Due to some temporary adjustment of ATON wallet, they currently do not reveal all third-party PRC20 tokens, but, it does not impact the prize distribution. The DAT reward can be checked through third-party blockchain browsers.

Dante network team is negotiating with more third-party wallets platforms, and will support private key access to show DAT-Test.

About the DAT and DAT-test

DAT-Test is the test Token of Dante Network, which could be used as early community construction or users incentive rewards. To be clarified, DAT-Test can neither be transferred to others nor trade , and will be automatically mapped into DAT (Native Token) at 1:1 ratio after Dante Network Mainnet is launched.

Exploring more Dante details please check the following link:

Dante Website:

Dante Twitter:

Dante Telegram:



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