January|Dante Network Fortnightly Report 01.01–01.14, 2022


  • (Accomplished) Carry on the off-chain verifiable storage tasks simulation experience based on cryptography.
  • (On-going) Engineering realisation of verifiable storage based on Rust language.
  • (On-going) Launch the research on privacy-order transaction technology.

Technology development

Contract layer

  • (Accomplished) Improve and optimise the mechanism of decentralised on-chain trusted cross-chain contract invocation. Finalised the deployment of cross-chain contract on PlatON, NEAR and Avalanche test net.
  • (On-going) Carry on the detailed algorithm design of the decentralised cross-chain contract cluster, cross-chain message verification algorithm and the algorithms of the node credibility assessment.
  • (Accomplished) Carry on the interface design and development of the cross-chain message verifiable contract and cross-chain node credibility assessment contract.
  • (Accomplished) Finalise the improvement of storage contract interface on on chain. Carry on the client development of Dante storage circulation market.

Node layer

  • (Accomplished) Carry on the development of the node of cross-chain message passing mechanism.
  • (On-going) Carry on the cross-chain contracts invocation tests on the test net among PlatON, NEAR and Avalanche.

Auxiliary tool

  • (On-going) Build the client of the Dante Network storage service, and carry on the UI design, demo design and front-end development.

System test

  • (On-going) Carry on the sub-systematic test of cross-chain message transmission about the contract and nodes.
  • (On-going) Carry on the test of cross-chain message transmission and cross-chain contract invocation.
  • (On-going) Finalise the test case development and functional test between Avalanche with NEAR and PlatON.
  • (Accomplished) Carry on the sub systematic test of cross-chain token circulation among NEAR, Avalanche and PlatON.


a) The project is named as D-Hub, meaning Dante decentralised trusted cross-chain bridge.

b) Carry on the development of contract, node, test case and Demo related to the project.

Exploring more Dante details please check the following link:

Dante Website: https://dantechain.com/index_en.html

Dante Twitter: https://twitter.com/DanteNetwork

Dante Telegram:https://t.me/DanteNetworkEN

Dante GitHub: https://github.com/dantenetwork




Dante Network is a general middle layer protocol to realize the interoperability among multi-chains, and integrate diverse resources to empower dApps.

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Dante Network

Dante Network

Dante Network is a general middle layer protocol to realize the interoperability among multi-chains, and integrate diverse resources to empower dApps.

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