July|Dante Network Fortnightly Report

  • (On-going)Carry out the research on off-chain verifiable computing based on zero-knowledge proof ( Dante Network & Xiamen University’s Joint Laboratory of Information Security and Data Science.)
  • (On-going) Carry out the research on storage incentives mechanism technique
  • (Accomplished) Finalized the research on mining and locked position mechanisms on Dante Network
  • (Accomplished) Finalized the research on on-chain high efficiency transaction technique

Contract layer

  • (On-going) Develop storage capacity verification mechanism
  • (Accomplished) Develop locked position contract
  • (Accomplished) Develop online register mechanism of storage node
  • (Accomplished) Develop online register mechanism of request node

Node layer

  • (On-going) Advance stage: developing off-chain storage capacity verification technology
  • (On-going) Advance stage: developing certificates generation and verification mechanism

Auxiliary tool

  • (On-going) Develop community automated administration tool

System tests

  • (On-going) Develop testing tool for locked position contract automation
  • (On-going) Develop testing tool of online register contract for request node and storage node

Dante Website: https://dantechain.com/index_en.html

Dante Twitter: https://twitter.com/DanteNetwork

Dante Telegram: https://t.me/Dante_Network



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