May | Dante Network Fortnightly Report 05.01–05.14, 2022

Project Construction: Protocol Stack Development

  • (Accomplished) Design and develop High-Level Service Presentation Protocol cluster on NEAR. The development has been done, now it is under testing.
  • (Accomplished) Design and develop High-Level Service Presentation Protocol Cluster on EVM technical stack. Now it is under joint testing with NEAR technical stack.
  • (On-going) Contract development of ink! technical stack on Polkadot. Now the message payload design and development tests for ink! technical stack features have been completed.
  • (On-going) Develop the SQoS Hidden/Reveal on NEAR technical stack.
  • (Accomplished) Test the message presentation on NEAR technical stack of the SQoS protocol on the Testnet. Both High-Level and Low-Level interfaces are completed and under testing now.
  • (On-going) SQoS ID traceback contract on NEAR.
  • (On-going) Develop the function of the SQoS Hidden/Reveal node on NEAR technical stack.
  • (On-going) SQoS ID traceback node functionality development on NEAR technical stack.
  • Multi-node belief assessment algorithm Demo contract development on Near technical stack. Now the Demo has been released on GitHub.
  • (Accomplished) BSC, ETH cross-chain SWAP Demo based on Dante protocol stack have been completed. UI design is under optimization, and the initial tests have been done. The Demo is going to be released soon.
  • (On-going) Multi-node belief evaluation Demo development.
  • (Accomplished) Develop the High-Level interface SDK NEAR v0.1.0 that provides multi-chain service contract development. Now it is under the final testing.
  • (On-going) Multi-chain extension SDK development on Flow. Now the Low-Level interface has been done.

Technical Research

  • (On-going) Research and develop the Omnichain privacy message technology. The research and simulation of the basic principle prototype on the EVM chains have been done.


  • (On-going) Develop and test Dante Network’s multi-ecosystem community-building contract.


  • Joining Avalanche Asia Hackathon.

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Dante Network

Dante Network is a general middle layer protocol to realize the interoperability among multi-chains, and integrate diverse resources to empower dApps.