May | Dante Network Fortnightly Report 05.15–05.31, 2022

Dante Network
3 min readJun 2, 2022


Project Construction: Protocol Stack Development

Service presentation layer: Contract

  • (Completed) The development of relevant contracts for the service presentation protocol of Polkadot ink! technology stack. The following optimization iteration will continue in the future.
  • (Completed) Polkadot ink! technology stack basic communication-related contract development.
  • (On-going) Special resource connection: EVM technology stack is connected to the basic contract development of Arweave protocol stack.

Service presentation layer: Nodes

  • (On-going) Development of the off-chain router on Polkadot ink! related technology stack.
  • (Upgrade) Optimize the off-chain functionality processing and performance of the multi-ecosystem collaborative messaging stack.

Security Quality of Service (SQoS): Contract

  • (On-going) Develop the SQoS Hidden/Reveal on NEAR technical stack.
  • (On-going) Test the SQoS protocol cluster message presentation on the test net of NEAR technology stack.
  • (Completed) SQoS ID traceback contract on NEAR.

Security Quality of Service (SQoS): Node

  • (On-going) Develop the function of the SQoS Hidden/Reveal node on NEAR technical stack.
  • (Completed) SQoS ID traceback node functionality development on NEAR technical stack.

Consensus verification layer: Contract

  • (Completed) Multi-node belief evaluation algorithm Demo contract development on NEAR technology stack.
  • (On-going) Router selection algorithm development on ink! technology stack.
  • (On-going) NEAR router selection algorithm development, the on-chain algorithm simulation has been completed.
  • (On-going) Multi-source message verification algorithm research and contract development of Flow technology stack.

Application tool development of the Protocol Stack: Demo

  • (Completed) BSC, ETH cross-chain SWAP Demo based on Dante protocol stack have been completed.

Application tool development of the Protocol Stack: SDK

  • (Completed) SDK NEAR v0.1.0 development with multi-chain service contract development now has been done. (High-level interface)

Technical Research

  • (Completed) Technical research on privacy order transactions.
  • (On-going) Multi-chain privacy interactive on-chain algorithm development and simulation.


  • (On-going) Develop and test Dante Network’s multi-ecosystem community-building contract.
  • (On-going) Preparations for community SWAP activity.


  • (On-going) Participate in the Polkadot 2022 summer hackathon.

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