November | Dante Network Fortnightly Report 11.16–11.30, 2022

Project Construction: Protocol Stack Development

Service presentation layer


  • (Completed) The transmitting/receiving protocol development of Sui technology stack.
  • (Completed) The compatible protocol development between Omniverse Token and current ERC20 & ERC721.
  • (Completed) The development and testing of solidity technology stack Omniverse Fungible Token. Completed the testnet deployment of BNB Chain, Moonbeam and other EVM public chains.

Security Quality of Service (SQoS)


  • (Completed) The SQoS Hidden Reveal, Optimistic mechanism developing, upgrading and optimizing of Flow technology stack.
  • (Completed) SQoS corresponding SDK development and testing of Flow technology stack.


  • (On-going) Flow technology stack core SQoS: the off-chain nodes function development of Heterogeneous Error Rollback, hidden reveal, optimistic.

Consensus verification layer


  • (Completed) Development of Omniverse consensus algorithm.

Application tool development of the Protocol Stack


  • Omniverse Application Protocol:

Omniverse Fungible Token beyond all public chains:


  • (Continue ongoing) Testing Network V0.2.0. (Basic consensus, Omni Smart Contract/Resource )

Technical Research

  • (Completed) The designation of a particular SQoS item for Omniverse compatibility.
  • (On-going) A Multi-Layer Gaming Model based on advanced SQoS mechanisms for credible interactions between two isolated crypto consensus spaces.



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Dante Network

Dante Network is a general middle layer protocol to realize the interoperability among multi-chains, and integrate diverse resources to empower dApps.