September |Dante Network Fortnightly Report 09.01–09.14

  • (Accomplished) Finalize the comparative study and analysis of the zkSNARK and zkSTART on verifiable storage-oriented research
  • (On-going) Carry on the research on off-chain verifiable data storage of Dante zero-knowledge proof technology and conduct research about the algorithms of verifying the uniqueness and authenticity of the encapsulated off-chain data
  • (Accomplished) Finalize the whole process design of storage incentives and slashing mechanism on the Advance Stage
  • (On-going) Carry on the research on privacy transaction technology for stored data circulation (This is for the preliminary report and research for the following developing stage.)

Contract layer

  • (Accomplished) Develop storage capacity verification mechanism
  • (On-going) Develop the storage incentive contract
  • (On-going) Develop the storage staking contract and commission contract
  • (On-going) Design the slashing contract of the abnormal behaviors
  • (On-going) [Hackathon] Develop the task attestation mechanism

Node layer

  • (On-going) Develop the off-chain verifiable storage-proof mechanism for the Advance Stage, especially towards the uniqueness data generation and encapsulation part
  • (On-going) Develop the off-chain verifiable taks-proof mechanism for the Advance Stage, especially towards the decentralized data management service part
  • (Accomplished) Develop the interactive interface of the off-chain storage verification mechanism
  • (On-going) [Hackathon] Develop the off-chain task verification mechanism, especially towards the uniqueness data encapsulation part
  • (Accomplished) [Hackathon] Finalize the development of request node of data storage service
  • (Improved) [Hackathon] Develop the function for off-chain data transmission of request node and storage node
  • (On-going) Develop community automated administration tool
  • (Accomplished) Test on-chain transaction and verification mechanism of storage tasks
  • (Accomplished) Test off-chain data interaction mechanism of storage tasks.
  • (On-going) Processing the unit test of off-chain storage verification mechanism
  • (On-going) Processing the unit test of the system management function.

Notes: Since the system functions are gradually launched, the threshold multisignature based system management mechanism will keep processing iterative testing

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